Hey Loudoun Dog Owners!


Thanks for coming to this page about our dog training programs.


Our programs are unique, there are no other dog trainers in Loudoun doing anything like what we’re doing.


But let me first talk about you.


Because if you’re like most of our clients I feel like I already know you…


Your dog is a member of your family and you want your dog to fit into your lifestyle rather than you having to adjust your entire life for your dog.


You love your dog, but it’s important that you find balance between fulfilling your dog’s needs and taking care of your home, career, and hobbies.


You’re not looking to have some show dog doing all sorts of tricks and fancy stuff.


You want to hit the trails and have your dog come when called… instead of being distracted by every squirrel and hiker.


You want to take a nice walk in the neighborhood, go to the pet store, hit a farmer’s market, or just go to the vet’s office... without having your arm pulled out of the socket or have a dog who is barking at other dogs or distracted by everything he or she sees.


You want friends and guests to come to your home and have your dog calmly lie down while they enter and then calmly greet them… rather than jump all over them, or worse, show aggression.


You want to STOP any aggressive behavior or destruction in the house and yard...and you want your dog to get over any anxieties or insecurities.


In a nutshell…


You want to live enjoyably with a lifestyle where your dog can happily and obediently do activities with you that you want your dog to do.


Does that sound right?


If so, read on about our Loudoun 60 program..


Our Loudoun 60 program wasn’t designed to teach your dog tricks.


It wasn’t built to get your dog to sit for a treat, come for a cookie, but then completely ignore you when you have no treats.


This program wasn’t created to so that you’d have to get angry and shout and scare your dog into being obedient.


Simply put, the Loudoun 60 program came to be in order to teach dogs and owners like you how to get happy, fun, and humane obedience and control while getting rid of any behavior problems you may have with your dog.


Real world dog training.

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The type of dog training where you can take your dog anywhere and everywhere and have the type of dog that people say, “I wish my dog was like THAT dog.”

Here’s how it works…

1- We build on trust.


Through a combination of positive reinforcement and humane correction we start outlining boundaries for your dog.


Within days we can see dogs start to willingly focus on their owners instead of distractions, happily obey, and start dropping the bad habits.


2- We add difficulty


Getting your dog to listen can happen quickly.  But, as many of you know, it’s HARD to get your dog to mind you when it counts.


I’m talking about when someone rings the doorbell, you see another dog, a squirrel runs past, or whatever.


In this phase we start showing your dog that the new manners they are learning apply everywhere.


Dog owners start to LOVE this phase.  It’s so fun to finally see your dog listen to you no matter where you go.


3- We create systems for maintenance


Have you ever spent a few weeks putting in some good effort with your dog training only to find it all goes away pretty quick?


Maintaining training can be hard if you don’t have a system.


But WITH a system you can spend just minutes a day in order to maintain your dog’s training for life.


The next 10+ years with your dog can be SOOOO much better if you can put these three steps into play.


We can help.


Our Loudoun 60 program walks you through all of these stages and gets you the dog of your dreams right now, but ALSO helps you maintain it for life.


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What Can Loudoun K9 Help With?

  • ​Obedience Training

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Off Leash Training

  • Door Bolting

  • Behavior Modification

  • Fear and Aggression

  • Potty Training

  • Crate Training

  • Submissive Urination

  • Jumping

  • Reactivity

  • Nipping

  • Impulse Control

  • And More!

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