Loudoun K9 Board and Train Facility

Here at Loudoun K9 we work hard to ensure that our board and train kennel environment remains as clean, calm, and relaxing as possible. Below are just a few examples of the environment and daily routine we follow-

-Kennel is heated and air conditioned.

-Fans provide white noise to help each dog relax and provide additional air circulation.

-Raised beds keeps each dog off of the floor and provide extra ventilation.

-All kennel runs have a flat sided 2 gallon water bucket securely attached to keep the dogs hydrated with minimal spilling.

-Every dog is walked 4 times a day with off leash play time and training intertwined, in a securely fenced area.

-Spot cleaning is done 4 times a day in addition to every kennel run and bed cleaned in the evening.

-We use green cleaning products that sanitize, disinfect, and reduce odor.

If your dog is in need of behavior modification outside what is possible in the home environment, send us an email today to find out more information on our board and train program- info@loudounk9.com

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Serving most of Loudoun County, VA

(Includling- Ashburn, Leesburg, Chantilly, Aldie, Purcellville, Hamilton, Waterford, Round Hill, South Riding, and Middleburg)