"Whether you are looking for in home training or board and train, I highly recommend Daniel and Loudoun K9. He is very professional and knowledgeable of a large variety of dog breeds. Additionally, once the training is over, Daniel is still available to you to answer questions and provide advice because his goal is to see success between you and your dog. You won't be disappointed!"

                                                    Amy, Leesburg

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Angie, Ashburn

"Shortly after finding the two Russell pups of my dreams, I realized I couldn’t handle it! Two the same age was a bit much. Loudoun K9 puppy-trained them with behaviors that have made having them a pleasure for 2 1/2 years. Daniel has the expertise and compassion to train pups, and just as importantly, owners. He also has kenneled them several times and they return home calm and well-adjusted. I highly recommend all Loudoun K9 services.

Michele, Leesburg

"Buckley was a fun dog to begin with, but a few bad habits took some of that joy away! Daniel and Christina have renewed that joy in and with my dog! His obedience is trustworthy now, and I’ve learned skills to carry through with him to keep our life together calm, joyful, and FUN!! The trust that’s built through obedience is unmatched. Daniel has been fantastic with communication and answering all of my questions through this process. (There have been many!!) Thanks, Loudoun K9! Your TRAINING AND SUPPORT is exactly what Buckley and I needed!!!

Karen, South Riding

"Within a few weeks of getting our golden retriever puppy, Willow, we knew we needed help. She is a bit of a “spit-fire” and didn’t know how to relax, walk on leash, and not bite. We just didn’t know how to train her. Daniel to the rescue! He not only taught Willow, but he has showed us how to teach her. His no non-sense approach and sense of humor made each session a fun, eye opening experience. We now understand so much more about what Willow needs from us in the form of boundaries and leadership. We are able to take things he has modeled and transfer them to other areas of her training with success. Now that we have completed the first phase of her in-home training, we are practicing every day-and having fun with it! While we still have progress to make, she is well on her way to being a great dog! We can’t thank Daniel enough for guiding us on this journey!

Donna, Middleburg

"I cannot say enough about Loudoun K9 or how much they helped our dogs. Their professionalism and knowledge make him one of the best.  I am not sure what we would have done had we not found them! The dogs are doing great now and it is only because of Loudoun K9.”

Jenna, Leesburg

"No matter how much you love your pet, there are undoubtedly behaviors that you could do without. Loudoun K9 is excellent at listening to you and helping you clarify the problems. They patiently listen to your goals and complaints."

Suzi, Ashburn

"I can't recommend Daniel McLaughlin and Loudoun K9 enough! 5 Stars all the way. Daniel worked with my 9 year old MinPin, Ginger and her bad behaviors turned around. A big part of the training is not only training the dog but also the owner...I've learned so many skills and it has been life-changing! Thank you Daniel!

Nichole, Ashburn

"I was a struggling with Ollie who is a 2.5 year old Border Collie/German Shepherd rescue. He suffered with anxiety, fear aggression, and horrible on the leash manners. I couldn’t trust Ollie around other dogs and although he was never human aggressive, his outbursts made me nervous to have him around children. After meeting Daniel for an in home assessment, we ultimately went with the three week train and board program, followed by six in home visits  

I say we, because Daniel and his team worked hard to not only support my baby, but Daniel was also super supportive of me. He made it a team effort. It was not easy to give up Ollie for three weeks, but Daniel allowed for me to check in whenever I wanted and I'd often get pictures or progress videos. Daniel taught me and Ollie how to regain our confidence and taught me how to get back in control which is what Ollie needed from me, as his owner.

I now get compliments on Ollies behavior from my closest friends who have seen Ollie grow. It’s pretty awesome. Daniel has been flexible and tailors his style to what I’ve needed emotionally.

Sam, Ashburn

"Loudoun K9 is amazing Daniel helped both my girls with basic obedience, place command, leash behavior and dog interaction. My wife who's 8 months pregnant was able to take both girls 60lbs + on a long walk through our town center with great behavior. Love Loudoun K9!!   

D & Greg, Leesburg

"We wanted to share our experience with Loudoun K9. We started with Daniel when our boxer was a puppy. We did the puppy training with Daniel and he included the entire family (my husband and I and our three boys). He was so helpful in showing us how to leash walk the dog, get the dog to listen to commands and also helped with potty training. After we completed the puppy sessions we moved on to the E Collar training. That was fantastic. Our dog learned very quickly with this training. Again, the entire family participated in the training. I highly recommend Daniel. He is very patient with our dog as well as with us. We have a very well behaved happy dog and a lot of that is because of Daniel at Loudoun K9. 

Chris, Leesburg

"I just have to say Daniel is terrific!  I have had dogs my entire life, even showed & competed with them a bit, but I was stumped by the food guarding and over-protective behaviors in our four year old German Shepherd.  I waited longer than I should have to reach out for help but am so grateful I finally called Daniel. His canine insight, behavior modification approach, and overall skill with dogs is amazing.  Thanks to Daniel, Koda is now much healthier and happier. I recommend him for anyone in need of assistance with their dog from puppy training to problem behaviors. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Loudoun K9!

Michael, Ashburn

"My wife, daughter and I have a 6yr old English Bulldog, Hailey, and we were in need of some serious training. Not just for our pup, but for all of the "two leggers" in our house as well. We were referred to Daniel at Loudoun K9 and after an hour long no-pressure in-home evaluation, we signed up our baby for a two week stay at Loudoun K9. We received frequent text updates on her progress and were extremely comfortable she was being well cared for. After returning home, the change was immediate and incredible. Prior to working with Loudoun K9, Hailey was nervous, anxious, uncontrollable and just plain unsettled. What we learned from Daniel and his staff is we were not giving our baby what she needed and as a result, she was not the dog we knew she was capable of being. My wife, daughter and I have been able to adjust our behavior to accommodate Hailey's needs and the adjustment has been super easy. It's a matter of knowing what the dog needs and how to create an environment that reinforces the behavior. In addition to the in-facility training Hailey received, we also have 6 in-home training sessions with Daniel and those have been inspiring and incredibly helpful. Daniel is magnificent and he has quickly become a friend. Thank you Loudoun K9!

Leigh, Round Hill

"We had both our dogs (High Energy Springer Spaniels) learn the E-collar with Daniel. Incredible results, done with great care, knowledge, and respect for animals. They have learned how to control themselves on our command, feel secure in the open, and it has really helped the owner animal relationship. We highly recommend Loudoun K9 for training, you will be glad you did! Listen to Daniel he won't lead you wrong.

Jonathan Broga, President, Potomac Pool Service, Inc. 

"I have been impressed with Daniel McLaughlin’s work ethic, character, loyalty, dedication, empathy, and kindness since first meeting him in 2000. As a friend since 2000, and his employer from 2004-2012, I had ample opportunity to observe Daniel with customers, supervisors, co-workers, subordinates, and friends. We interacted not only at work, but also in church, and continue to spend time together on shared hobbies.


Daniel is an extraordinarily hard worker. He was the first employee of Potomac Pool Service Inc., having been hired in the winter of 2004, and he literally and figuratively helped my wife and I with the “heavy lifting” that was required to get a small business off the ground. We worked shoulder to shoulder for many years, doing 80-hour work weeks in the spring and early summer, all while he commuted to Chantilly from his home in Winchester.

Not only does Daniel have the mental tenacity to persevere through challenging workloads, he also has a tremendous capacity for kindness, and an ability to empathize that makes relationship building one of his greatest strengths. His work at Potomac Pool Service involved not only the simple physical tasks of cleaning and maintaining a pool, but also the much more subtle customer service skills to build and maintain trust with highly educated, financially successful clients. He was very often in their homes and back yards to teach and explain, and much of our early success in both Potomac, MD and Great Falls, VA can be attributed to Daniel and his ability to keep his clients happy, through his willing and engaging demeanor, and his desire to serve.


While swimming pool work was Daniel’s day job, his evening and weekend passion has always been his family and his dogs. The combination of his love of dogs and his heart to see them well-adjusted and properly trained, with his work ethic and relationship skills is an excellent application of Daniel’s strengths. In my own home we have raised two Labrador Retrievers, and Daniel is the first (and only) person I have called when I have had questions about training them as puppies, or if I am trying to interpret behavior in their adult years. His lifelong interest in dogs and their training and his recent years as training professional have given him considerable knowledge and skill, and I thoroughly trust and respect his judgment.


As a character reference, an employer reference, and a client reference, I can heartily, and without hesitation recommend Daniel as a skilled and trustworthy professional with whom I would not hesitate to do business, and as a loyal and caring friend with whom I am happy to spend my time.

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